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Poetry Northwest
Volume: 13.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Don Bogen
Night Sky

TR Brady

Shevaun Brannigan

J. Camp Brown
Good Friday | The Bovine Creed
Creed of the Long Married

Rob Carney
"For Your Essay, Choose Half Full or Half Empty"

Tim Carrier
Thank you for helping me

Katharine Coles
Another Disaster

Dawn Davies
An Awful Estrangement of Parts from the Whole

Edison Dupree

Rebecca Durham
Oblique Helix

Tafisha Edwards
The Siren Wears My Face

Kate Gaskin
The Foxes

Elton Glaser

John Goodhue

Amanda Gunn

Janice N. Harrington
Putting the Pieces Together

John Hennessy
Who Will Save Now You're Grown

Nathan Hoks
Self-Portrait with Dad's Baseball Glove

Valerie Hsiung
And Off They Went

Kathryn Hunt
An Offering

Mark Irwin
Dear Red,

Genevieve Kaplan
A few of some I saw

Sophie Klahr
from Like Nebraska

Elizabeth Knapp
Poem in the Manner of the Year in Which I Was Born

Karen An-hwei Lee
Dear Millennium, on the Angel of Immigration
Dear Milliennium, Soliloquy of a Rogue Body Politic

Dora Malech
Five Visual Poems

Domenica Martinello
What Went First

Philip Matthews
The Holy Ghost

Katherine Maurer
Great Auk
Passenger Pigeon
Living in the End Times

Peter Munro

Jill Osier

Katie Peterson
The Sentence

Abi Pollokoff
7:28 PM: above the river the bridge the bridge

Supritha Rajan
Lie Still and Dream

Rebecca Givens Rolland

Clare Rossini
What April Proscribes

Theadora Siranian
Fata Morgana

Karen Skolfield

Brandon Som

SM Stubbs
The Elephants

David Swerdlow
Thunder, whose invitation

Matthew Thorburn
Childhood Music
Wouldn't Hold

Leah Umansky
Come, Pioneer

Benjamin Vogt

Angela Voras-Hills

Mark Wagenaar
Little Song

Kary Wayson
Hookless Fastener
Poem Called Margaret

Jess Williard
Certain Truths

William Kelley Woolfitt
The Night the Rain Had Nowhere to Go

Jihyun Yun
The Daughter Transmorphic

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Nathan Hoks
Self-Portrait with Dad's Baseball Glove


Valerie Hsiung
And Off They Went


Mark Irwin
Or; Dear Red,


Dora Malech
Five Visual Poems


Katie Peterson
The Sentence


Mark Wagenaar
Little Song