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Alaska Quarterly Review
Volume: 36.3 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

David Agecoutay
All That Was Left

Amy Alvarez
Street Corner Market, Philadelphia

John Bargowski
Kesslers' Warehouse

Billy-Ray Belcourt
From This Wound is a World. Notes from a Public Washroom
Colonialism: A Love Story

Brandi Bird
Ode to Nanabush
Marriage 'a la facon du pays'

Tenille K. Campbell
#IndianLovePoems #807

Bruce Cohen
Natural Selections
How Many Days Can a Camel Survive without Water?

Colby Cotton
Regional Echo

Joanna Currey
Two Coyotes Appear to Me in the Empty Parking Lot of Mix 92.9

Lynn Domina

Brendan Galvin
Before the Wolf Moon

Marie-Andre Gill
Uashteu (Il y a de la lumiere)

Samuel Green

Jamella Hagen
Yukon Insomnia File
The Astronomer

Judith Harris
Cows Returning from Pasture

Robert Hedin
Monarchs, Viceroys, Swallowtails

John Hodgen
Upon Reading that a Soldier who Survives an IED Explosion?

Lisa C. Krueger
Apology Girl

Mika Lafond
from nipe wanin: my way back. tepiya pikiskwewina. just words

Katharine Lo
Five Years Ago Today

Margaret Mackinnon
The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Elaine McArthur
Queen Bee

John McCarthy
Many Savage Things

Michael McGriff
Summer Imperative
A Short History of the Rain

Francine Merasty
From Poetry of a Northern Rez Girl. Since Timme Immemorial

Charlotte Pence
On Marriage and American Coots

Margaret Ray
Substance and Accident
The Clearing

Marjorie Saiser
What I Shouted and You Shouted

Christopher Salerno
Sick Horse

Smokii Sumac
from #kaikuaday and other poems. A love poem to your great great grandmother
what you don't understand

Elaine Terranova

Heather Treseler

Joshua Whitehead
from Full-Metal Indigiqueer. "d" Paris Well With Vowels

Emily Yaremchuk
True Loss

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Charlotte Pence
On Marriage and American Coots