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New American Writing
Volume: 36 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

D. M. Aderibigbe
A Night in Troy

from Here to Hear

Michael Anania
In Time
Tristan in Felt Pen on the Rue Racine

Calvin Bedient
Herds of Stags Among Fir Trees
How Live?

Donald Berger
The Bear's Name Is Francis Donoghue
The Nice Woman Phones

Lauren Camp
Loop Whack Spark (for Thelonious Monk)

Simon Crafts
That Year

Joel Dailey
9.81 Meters per Elvis

Huang Fan
My Wife
Talking about Language with a Friend in Johnson, VT
Everything Lost Will Be Returned

Norman Fischer
Mont Blanc

Cheryl J. Fish
The Thin Man at Kussijarvi Sauna
Flesh from Stone

Ian Ganassi
Future Less Vivid
Detailed Generalities
Lost Cause

Karen Garthe
Comrade Train
Every Embedded Thing

Colby Gillette
Childhood (Between First Leafing)
Childhood (What Little Sleep)

Noah Eli Gordon
from Cake

Carolyn Guinzio
Wigg & Bone Take a Walk in the Park
Things from Which They Looked Away
Mile Marker 356

Margaret Hanshaw
This Coffee Table

Rodolfo Hinostroza
Inside & Out

H. L. Hix
from Questions

Karla Kelsey
from On Certainty

Cindy King
Immaculate Conception
Mama Garde Manger

Caroline Knox
Lateral Incisors
Glorious Apollo

Jee Young Lee
A Bright Lack

Susan Lewis
This Listening

Gary Mesick
Great Books of the Western World
Homeland Security

David Mutschlecner
Person 1
Person 3

Alexandria Peary
"The Fish," on a Plate
Paper Dolls

Amy Pence
Fashion Week, The Deadalus Invention
Fashion Week, The Horn of Plenty

Jaclyn Piudik
An Assay

Stephen Ratcliffe
from Window

Michael Rothenberg
The Real News Continued (for Joanne Kyger)

Sandra Simonds
from Atopia

Ales Steger
from Aboe the Sky Beneath the Earth

Chris Stroffolino

Daniel Tiffany
From Furious Green

Marc Vincenz
How the Story Begins
Dirty Talk

G. C. Waldrep
Magdalene Psalm
The Evening Visit
Easterhouse (Mifflinburg)

Daneen Wardrop
from Feral Girl

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Noah Eli Gordon
from Cake


Karla Kelsey
from On Certainty


Caroline Knox
Lateral Incisors; Glorious Apollo


Sandra Simonds
from Atopia


Chris Stroffolino


G. C. Waldrep
Magdalene Psalm; The Evening Visit; Easterhouse (Mifflinburg)