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Volume: 31.1 | Year: 2005

Table of Contents:

Jack Agueros
Mouth Full of Words

Nin Andrews
What the Therapist Said

Naomi Ayala

Daniel Berrigan
Time as a Verb

Richard Blanco
What's Love Got to Do?

Michelle Boisseau
A Sunday in God Years

Kevin Bowen
The Second Night

Rafael Campo
Making Sense of the Currency on Line for Le Musee Picasso

Cyrus Cassells
More than Peace and Cypresses

Nan Cohen
Abraham and Isaac: I
Abraham and Isaac: II

Robert Cording
Pentecost in Little Falls, New Jersey

Robert Creeley
Old Story
The Red Flower

Theodore Deppe
Misremembering the Classics

Richard Garcia
My Grandmother's Laughter

Stephen Gibson
The Battle of Lepanto

Aracelis Girmay
Scent: Love Poem for the Pilan

Eugene Gloria
The Law

Donald Hall
Bread and Butter

Sam Hamill
Arguing with Milosz in Vilnius

Nathalie Handal
The Warrior

Myronn Hardy

David Hernandez
Chess Match Ends in Fight

Bob Hicok
Solstice: voyeur

Al Hudgins

Colette Inez
Visible Masses of Condensed Vapor Song, Scotland

Yusef Komunyakaa
Blue Dementia
Ode to the Guitar

Melissa Kwasny

Adrian C. Louis
April in Oglala

Julio Marzan
The Glue Trap

Joshua McKinney
A Principle of Perspective
What We Wish For

David Mura
Internment Camp Psychology
The Left Panel of the Diptych Speaks

John Murillo
Sherman Ave. Love Poem #4

Joan Murray
Max and Rose

Pablo Neruda
Ode to the Eye
Ode to the Elephant

D. Nurkse
Time on the Island

Sharon Olds
The Couldn't
The Alarm Clock

Ishle Yi Park
2 Korean Girls

Marge Piercy
A Vision of Horses and Mules

Dannye Romine Powell
The Avalanche

Leroy V. Quintana

Adrienne Rich
Life of the Senses

Eric Paul Shaffer
Mozart and the Mockingbird

R. T. Smith
Dar He

Gary Soto
Some Words About Time
Old Dog Sniffing the Air

Gerald Stern
The Law

Lidia Torres
A Spell to Wake My Brother

Lewis Turco
Brontophobia: The Fear of Thunder

Chase Twichell
New England Slate Pane

David Williams
Some Writers in Wartime

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Robert Creeley
Old Story; The Red Flower


Nathalie Handal
The Warrior


Bob Hicok
Solstice: voyeur


Yusef Komunyakaa
Blue Dementia; Ode to the Guitar


D. Nurkse
Time on the Island


Sharon Olds
The Couldn't; The Alarm Clock


Adrienne Rich
Life of the Senses