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Quarterly West
Volume: 60 | Year: 2005

Table of Contents:

Brian Barker
Still Life with Charlie & Shorty
Guinea Pig Gospel (Tuskegee, Alabama)
Self-Portrait with a Burnt Out Light Bulb

Jeffrey Bean
Learning to Dance

Jennifer Chapis
Summer in Tempe

Jim Daniels
St. Agnes and the Mystery of the Postcard Thief

Todd Davis
Resurrection, or What He Told Me To Do When He Died

Richard Garcia
New Orleans
Sewers of Charleston

Michael Hardin

Karen Holmberg
Reflections on Home

Charles Jensen
Saturday Night: Underage, I Escape My Misery in Liquor
Upon Discovering the Actual Meaning of Penisbreath

Suzanne Keen
Pity the Bond

K. Keener
Saffron Elegy

Stephen Massimilla
Lost Dust in Bora Bora
Thinks Herself Precious at a Price

Christopher Matthews
My Enemy Repents
Washington D. C.

Anthony Robinson
On Writing the Landscape Beneath the Cloud
"One Future That Binds Us"

Allison Titus
From the Lost Diary of Anastasia Romanov

Philip White

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Brian Barker
Still Life with Charlie & Shorty; Guinea Pig Gospel (Tuskegee, Alabama); Self-Portrait with a Burnt Out Light Bulb