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Southern Review
Volume: 40.2 | Year: 2004

Table of Contents:

Cathy Smith Bowers
Language: A Sentimental Education

John Brehm
The Poems I Have Not Written
Sound Check, Lower Manhattan

Catharine Savage Brosman
Five White Birds

Nancy Naomi Carlson
Wolf Moon

David Citino
The River of Sclerosis

Anne Coray
One March Animal's Desire
Grass Studies

Robert Cording
Lenten Stanzas
Advent Stanzas

Daniel Corrie

Daniel Mark Epstein
Photographer Unknown. Neuvilly, 1918
The Glass House

Kathleen Flenniken
What I Learn Weeding

Brendan Galvin
We Live in the Largess of Our Nickle-Dime Moments
Samuel Gorton

Christine Garren
the boat
going to the doctor

Sarah Gorham

Lance Larsen
On Being Asked, Have you ever written about Jacqui's paintings?

Barbara Lau
Primer for June
Ode to Beach
Good-Bye, Moon

Richard Lenhert
To Whom It May Concern

Michael McFee
Handful of Keys

Wesley McNair
The Future

Diane Mehta
Getting Married after a Tour of the Manhattan Adirondacks in Central Park

William Miller
Gettysburg Reunion, 1913

Jacquelyn Pope
In Time

Ron Rash
Reading the Leaves

Christine Rhein
At the Chinese Art Exhibit, after Your Talk of Suicide

Jay Rogoff
Nether Stowey
Carmelite Convent, Mexico DF

Sarah Rossiter
Canal du Midi

Peter Schmitt
The Lighthouse and the Turtles

W. D. Snodgrass
Phone Message
The Moth Chorale
At the Villa

Leon Stokesbury
Variations on a Theme by Ammons and Li Po
These Days

A. M. Sullivan
Holding On
Anhinga Pairing
I Came to the Everglades with a Grief

William Wenthe
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Reading Sidney Lanier in a Starbucks

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Christine Garren
the boat; going to the doctor


Lance Larsen
On Being Asked, Have you ever written about Jacqui's paintings?